UCO fall 2011 - class of December 2013

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    Who all has gotten into the fall 2011 program? Who is on the waitlist? Anyone a graduate or a current student?

    I am Andi Cusack, and a forensic nursing student at UCO. I am currently second on the waitlist, however, one person has already dropped, therefore I am next in line. I am very excited and am going to stay positive about getting. I would like to meet all my classmates.

    Also would anyone like to share any study techniques or Reccomend any books?

    If anyone could post a copy of their admission packet they received that would be great. I am waiting on making a dr. Appointment to make sure I get all the correct shots.

    (you can also contact me at acusack89@yahoo.com or acusack@UCO.edu, or on Facebook under Andi Cusack)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, Im Jasmine Draper and I GOT IN!!(YAY!!!) i hope you get in and hopefully ill see you in the fall.. best wishes
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    Congratulations to you Jasmine! Good luck! If you know anyone else whom got in, send them this way! We can all get to know one another before the semester starts!
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    I got in, and I joined the facebook group you started as well. Talk about networking! Well done.

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