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    I'm getting married in June (right after graduation) and ill be moving to the Tulsa area. I'll have a year of nurse tech experience by that time. Any tips on getting my foot in the door at one of the hospitals. What's the best hospital to work at on your opinion?

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    I am in almost the same situation. I have about a year nurse tech experience. I graduate in May and we are moving to Tulsa. I have been really worried about getting a job in the big metro hospitals since I have no contacts there.
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    If you are going to be going to school that can be a good way to network with others in healthcare. Meeting new people on allnurses can help too. Good luck!
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    You know it's all a matter of preference. Almost all of the ladies I graduated with went to work at St. Francis. I am not a fan. I really liked St. John and Hillcrest (externed there) during clinicals. I moved out to California after I graduated. I don't think you should have a crazy hard time finding a job. They are pretty plentiful there. Good luck.

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