Temp RN license

  1. I am relocating back to my hometown of Oklahoma City, does anyone know the process of obtaining a temp license in Oklahoma.
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    im actually in the process of getting my license endorsed here in OK now... it's taking a while, and the BON is extremely difficult to work with... With forewarning, they are very rude and inconsiderate. How long will you be here?

    A temporary license only lasts about 90 days, I believe, and you have to get your license endorsed anyway (its 85 bucks plus an extra 10 for temporary). ive heard and read on other posts that i can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months in getting a license in this state. since you are in OKC, i would actually suggest going up there and asking them questions, since the board is up there on classen blvd.

    Good luck!