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  1. 0 Any one out there involved in Telephone Triage Nursing? I am interested in TTN and would like information and insite into this area of nursing. I have 15 years experience in nursing, I am an RN, BSN, CEN and have the following certifications. ACLS, TNCC, ENPC, PALS, BLS, and (CEN) Board Certification in Emergency Nursing. Do you have to be certified to be a Telephone Triage Nurse? Where are the jobs in Oklahoma? How do you go about getting a TTN position? Thank-you for your input.
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    I see this is an old post, just curious on what you found out? I have recently moved into a rural area and the only local employment is part time ER (which I took) but I need something additional to go along with it. Thanks for any feedback/advice/recommendations you would be willing to share.

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