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Starting Wage for New LPN Grad Oklahoma

  1. 0 I was wondering if anybody knew how much LPN grads make in Oklahoma, or what the wages for LPN's are in general?
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    Hi, This is Nannanurse, originally from Ada. While there I was making a whopping $8.50 on evenings. That was 4 1/2 years ago and I hear that it is not much more now.
    I'm currently working at a major hospital in the St.Louis Mo.........go Cards!!!..........area and making $14+ with diffs.
    Hope that helps. All I know is that Oklahoma is not one of the 'higher' paying states....the economy and all......I guess that is the excuss they all make, even with the shortage.
    Good luck and welcome!!
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    how much a new lvn earn for 2008?
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    I am fresh out of LPN school and started out making $18.00 /hour in a nursing home...that seems to be the going rate for nursing homes in the Tulsa area
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    hi I have a question? I am moving to tulsa next month and wanted to no is your nursing home was hiring. or do you no any other places in tulsa hiring lpn. I have been a nurse 3 years and worked long term as well as acute. Thanks so much