RN pay LTC Oklahoma?

  1. I'm thinking about working NH in rural OK. What kind of hourly rate should I expect/ask for (RN)? thanks
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  3. by   herring_RN
    I think you have a good chance of a useful response in the Oklahoma forum.

    My aunt was recently a hospice patient in rural Oklahoma.

    Her mother and before that her father were in a home that transitioned from board and care to nursing home as the resident needed. Her mother attended her daughters 50th wedding anniversary. Died at age 202 just before the 60th.

    I don't know the pay but the care was supurb.
    And the staff seemed to really like each other.

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  5. by   scubadude
    Most of them run in the 24-26/hr range depending on experience. A little more if you're weekend coverage.
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