Platt College, Tulsa Campus

  1. 0 Hi Everyone.

    Anyone have a handle on the cost of the LVN-to-RN step-up program at the Tulsa Campus of Platt College?


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    The tuition rate for 2008 and 2009 was $23,500 for their LPN-to-RN associates degree bridge program, though I heard that the school's leadership and ownership folks were seriously considering a tuition increase for future classes.
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    Yea, it's now $29,500 for LPN-RN!
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    Quote from mesa1979
    Yea, it's now $29,500 for LPN-RN!
    Oh, dear.

    That is, in my opinion, too much tuition to pay for a nursing program that lacks regional accreditation. However, they can raise the tuition because there are multiple people who are very much willing to pay it.
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