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  1. Hello all,

    I was just accepted into the the OU Tulsa ABSN program. I'm trying to find out what our schedule will be like this summer. On the website it only lists past schedules from the OKC campus. Any previous students out there who could give me a little info?

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  3. by   ou_absn_2013
    I will be graduating from the absn program this summer. I think they make changes every year depending on who they get to teach the summer courses. For me, June was full time classes and labs (plan on at least 4 days a week). In July we began clinical rotations 2-3 days a week with lecture classes at least 1 additional day a week.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. Don't buy the package the school sets up, it is way overpriced and does not include all the books you will need for the program.
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  4. by   ou_absn_2013
    I received your message but the site will not allow me to send a reply because I do not have enough public posts. I am happy to go over the textbook list with you once you receive it from OU. Once you find out when you have orientation let me know, I might be on campus that day or I can give you my OU webmail address.