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    I currenlty live in Dallas, from OKC originally, and am completing prereqs to apply for the ABSN Program at OU. I will apply in the fall of 2009 to start in June 2010.

    Are there any student (present or past) that know what GPA will be needed to be competitive?


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    Hi! Hope this isn't too late! I am currently in the '09 ABSN class graduating August 1. Any GPA will work. Although they do have a minimum of 2.75 I think, they are mainly looking at your grades in the prereqs. As an Engineering major, I did not have a 3.9 GPA like my Psych major classmates. I don't even have a 3.0 for that matter, and I got in and am doing great. The GPA is mainly an initial "weeding-out" factor for the application process, but really what's most important to them are your prereq grades.
    Hope this helps, and good luck!
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    If you are in Texas and you already have a bachelors degree then have you considered Texas Women's University? They have a program that you can earn a master degree in nursing if you already have a bachelors in any other field. It is two years though. The master degree in not a nurse practitioner though. You have to go through the PHd program to do that. You might check in to that.