OPSU nursing & Hesi A2 test

  1. 0 Has anyone attended OPSU's nursing program? I am planning on starting there in January. All of the lecture are online (not traditional classroom setting) and I just wondered what your experiences were. I will also be taking the HESI A2 test in a few months and was wondering if anyone knew of a good study guide for it. Thanks

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    I havnt went there but I hear its a good school. I take my HESI A2 in a few weeks. God Bless!
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    I am going there right now. It is great! I wouldn't have gone back to school if it weren't for this 100% online program. There are only two classes that will kill you timewise (patho and health assessment). The online classes are a diverse group from all over the US. The director is very kind and helpful. I recommend it fully!

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