Oklahoma City University RN to BSN

  1. I am considering enrolling for Fall 2011. Can anyone give me advice? Is it a good program? How much does it cost?

    They are saying it will take 9 months to complete. Do we have clinicals? Our class will be meeting on Tuesdays, 4 hours.

    Anyone with info please share!

    Thank you!
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  3. by   MsV.
    From what I understand it is a good program. The program is however very expensive, I believe it is like 800 or 900 per credit/semester hour. People that attend the school seem to love it though.
  4. by   OCCCHopeful
    If you can swing it... More power to ya'! :bowingpur
    I have mostly heard good things about them. It does cost @ $14,000 a semester. But, I assume you already know that...
  5. by   oklahoma
    If you decide to pay that much money I would never encourage you to join Oklahoma City University. I found the school online and moved to oklahoma from another state. I regret I made that decision. If you want quality education look for state universities.
  6. by   oklahoma
    East tennesse state and state university in Indianapolis are cheap and they will accept you without too much hassle.

    Oklahoma City University......... you can get easily accepted! remember it is a commercial university! Once you get in you will pity some of the professors who are confused in class and regret you paid that much money.

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