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Just turned in my application...now for the waiting:confused: I only had 17pts, was wondering what everyone else had?... Read More

  1. by   brit57
    I was alternate 42 last semester, and was told I had a great chance this time, when I called a few weeks ago, I was told that I should just wait on a letter or call or email. I'm going to go by tomorrow, and talk with someone face to face. Crossing fingers that atleast 15 alternates get in!
  2. by   Oddmanout
    Has anyone tried logging into Moodle or ATI?
  3. by   KatherineC
    This is late but I am alternate 3 and I got in yesterday at orientation! Yipeeeeeee! A great day, lots of info but so excited! And it was wonderful to meet Leslye finally!

    Here we go! Good luck to all the other alternates! Don't give up hope! I haven't tried moodle or angel or ati yet. I don't think Moodle will be ready until January.
  4. by   brit57
    Congrats Katherine! I know how nervous you were! I pulled up Mineonline, and went to the NP1 course under "search and register" and it shows that theres 8 spots still available. Have you all already registered for it? If so, I wonder if they really hold spots for NP1 students that might need to repeat it too, ah! this waiting is painful.
    I didnt think Id get nervous, kept telling myself not to, but I think as this semester is almost over, its getting harder to push the thoughts out of my mind.
  5. by   KatherineC
    Yes my mineonline shows that I am registered for NPI so there really may be 8 spots. But they may be people who have 'enrollment issues' as well. Just keep calling and checking with them to see what number alternate they are on. Good luck!
  6. by   Leslye3404
    I'm so happy you got in Katherine!! Congrats again! Now we need to get ready for this roller coaster lol! See you in January!
  7. by   Leslye3404
    Maybe we could get together before and do some studying for the dosage calc test? Let me know if your interested.
  8. by   Leslye3404
    Brit I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! You never know because it seemed like nobody was going to drop and now 3 alternates have been called! Good luck!!!
  9. by   NT1992
    Congrats to all of the people that go into the program for spring! How early did you get your applications in?
  10. by   Leslye3404
    I turned my app in the last week it was due.
  11. by   KatherineC
    Leslye I think that is a must. I will text you (or you text me) after New Years and we will hit the dosage calc's hard.

    Merry Christmas!
  12. by   brit57
    I spoke to one of the directors this morning, I can't name names on here, but she said that they had a record # of applicants(we knew that) and that I (#15) probably won't be called, unless a lot of people drop, unlikely. I'm ok with that. Going to focus on getting a&p 2 in the spring, that will leave just micro left besides the NP courses. And apply again for fall. I like the day time schedule more, but was willing to do either! going to apply to the local LPN program as well. And land where im supposed to. Congrats to you all, I will either see you in the fall or apply for the career ladder in 14. Good luck!
  13. by   liviah15
    Hey Leslye & Katherine I would love to get together with y'all after New Years as well if y'all don't mind? I took Math for health but its been awhile but I have the calculation book but I would love to get with a group. Let me know. Text me 740-3127 Happy Holidays!!!