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OCCC Fall 2012 Traditional Students

  1. 0 Has anyone recieved the confirmation letter yet? I'm a little anxious.
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    No! it's driving me crazy! I turned my app in in early march so I'm waiting. Impatiently!
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    I have been visiting the mail box daily hoping to see something like that to no avail. From the postings here on fall 2011 seems to show that confirmation letters comes out by may. I applied towards the deadline cos i was waiting for my ENG COMP II results to be on my transcript and also the teas that i had to take just that last week to get that 3 points. This waiting is driving me crazy but is anyone better informed on the vaccination requirements and how it can be done? i recently came here and no shots history so far.
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    Quote from soonershelley
    Has anyone recieved the confirmation letter yet? I'm a little anxious.
    [FONT=century gothic]Nothing here yet
    I'm anxious too !
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    Well it's almost May!! Waiting post if you get yours!!
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    If one follows critically from last fall, the deadline for traditional admission was April 1st and verification came by may 11th. So one may hope to get verification letters by may 16 since this year's deadline was the 6th. This reasoning did not hold for spring where verification came in two weeks after the deadline. ref fall 2011 and spring 2012 postings.
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    I wonder how many applicants there are, what everyone's preference points are? I'm at 17, the most I could get with no certifications or prior degree. Spent the last 3 semesters getting the classes that helped & taking some of the other degree courses. I figure it could be anytime between now and 2weeks from now before we see verification letters. Then another couple of weeks.
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    Nothing yet.... I can't wait!

    Has anyone heard how many applicants there were?
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    I just called and talked to admissions. He said there were a lot of applicants this time and there was a glitch with the records system and some things going on in the office that was delaying the process. He said that he thought the initial letters would go out in the next couple of days to a week. I didn't ask how many applicants or any specifics...usually they won't really even talk to me so I felt lucky to get what information I could. So...back to waiting! Good luck everyone!
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    Hi , After reading previous years posts they talk about verification letters. Last month I went to a questions/ answers meeting about the applications process and the admissions advisor who is sending the letters said he would send an acceptance or denial letter. Are we wating on two different letters?
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    Yes, there is a verification letter that says they received the application and lets you know GPA and points. Then they send another letter via certified mail if you are accepted and by regular mail if you are not. The waiting is killing me!
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    Me too! I have a vacation planned for middle of May. Now that I understand there is two letters comming I am really anxious about maybe missing my mail. I am applying with 20 points. Goodluck to everyone! Hope to make a new group of friends! I am taking Micro w/Pope and Developmental Psych online this summer. I will be so happy to enjoy our couple of weeks off!
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    Yes we will get a confirmation letter first, from what I have read on these posts, stating what our points & gpa are and saying whether we are qualified? Then a few weeks later a certified letter if you get in (sign for it) or regular mail if we aren't accepted waiting patiently (kind of)