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OCCC Chemistry Prereq.

  1. 0 So I understand that I will be taking some form of chemistry regardless, and I am fine with that. I had a question regarding Gen Chem 1115 Vs. Survey of Chem 1123.

    From what I have been told (through mostly advisement) is that Survey is much, MUCH easier, and they recommend that over Gen Chem.

    However, I would like to eventually continue my education (most likely at OU) which would require that I take Gen Chem as OCCC's survey would not transfer for credit.

    My question is this, Is Gen Chem THAT much more difficult? For those that have taken either, what kind of grade did you get? And for either course, is there a professor that you would or wouldn't recommend?

    I am very worried, many, MANY people are anxious over chemistry to begin with (me included) And from what little I have heard, I am terrified of taking Gen Chem and not receiving a decent grade....