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nursing home job?

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    I have been working for long term care facility about 4yrs as a RN in Seattle,WA. My husband and I are going to live in OK city for about 3 month because he is going to have ATC training in OK city.
    Well, I need to find a job whether in nursing home or home care or hospital. I 'd like know good places to work . I would appriciate your recommendation.
    Thank you!!
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    From what I know, Grace Living Center is always hiring. Also, Midwest City Regional Medical Center seems to always be in need of nurses. Good luck to you!
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    The reason Midwest City Hospital is hiring on a consistent basis is, the environment is very toxic. I know, as I used to work there. Try Integris or Mercy.

    Hope you enjoy your time in Oklahoma.
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    Yes I agree, stay away from MWMC. Try Mercy, Integris, or even Norman Regional Medical center