Moving to OK, Where to take my Boards?

  1. Hello Oklahoma nurses,

    I am going to be graduating from a school in NY with an LPN in May (as long as I pass and all) and moving to OK shortly after that. I am wondering where it would be best to take my boards?

    First off, do I have a choice or do I have to take the NCLEX boards in NY if I graduate from a NY school, or can I actually take them in any state given I am graduated/ have a LPN certificate?

    Second, if I am allowed to take them anywhere, what is the better option; Take boards in OK or in NY and then transfer the licence.

    All the New Yorkers I ask say take them here then transfer the licence to OK. I want to get the opinion from someone in Oklahoma though, who has taken the boards or knows what the process is.

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   Zombi RN
    They are right -- you should take your boards in the state you went to school in and then transfer the license.
  4. by   LovelyOverload
    You could apply for a license in OK and take the test in NY so you wont have to deal with transferring your license.