1. I need some advice I really want to get into nursing but I'm so confused on where to apply what are some good schools?? Also I don't have any experience in the med field like I was told I needed. Someone please HELP!!

    Oh last ?? Is it hard?
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  3. by   HealthNut11
    You may want to start out getting your CNA, that will give you some experience. And you can go to school for your pre-reqs while doing so. Depending on if you want to go for your LPN, RN, or straight for your BSN will depend on where you apply. Look up the schools and see what their requirements are so that you can start working towards them. Yes nursing school is hard. There is not one nursing school in the nation that is easy.
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    Quote from manda411
    what are some good schools??
    In what part of Oklahoma do you live? We need to know this information because, for example, it makes no sense to recommend a school in Stillwater if you live in Lawton.