Looking for online physiology class in oklahoma

  1. I am wanting to know if anyone knows of an oklahoma college offering human physiology online this fall semester?
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  3. by   Ciale
    I do not but if you take it in a classroom setting, I can reccommend a really great teacher.
  4. by   Samantha79
    I doubt there are any 100% online physiology courses... just because it is a lab required course. I know TCC offers 1/2 online (lecture) 1/2 in class (lab) physiology courses.
  5. by   jmn2909
    samantha where is tcc? i figured i would have to do lab somewhere mainly looking for the class to be online. thanks for your help
  6. by   Samantha79
    Tulsa Community College
  7. by   emtjamie

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