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    I'm moving to Edmond in a few months and am an l&d rn and looking for a position similar to what I'm working now. Anyone have any experience working there in l&d? Thanks!

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    I dont work there or know anyone who does work at that hospital; however, I've had a friend delievered there and her experience was great. I visited and thought the staff was friendly. The facility is really nice. Hope this helps.
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    I don't work there, but I do know several people who have gone to the doctor there or delivered there. They had a good and some a great experience with the staff. The one's who decided not to deliver there did so because of a couple of doctors who worked there; those two doctors told the moms that they were going to do what they wanted to even though it wasn't what the mom wanted (they were very pro-intervention/medicalized birth). There was another doctor who informed a lady a few weeks before her due date that she "had" to have a c-section and that doctor induced another woman because she hadn't had her baby by her due date. Overall, the women who I know said it was a very nice facility with great staff and nurses, but the doctors philosophies didn't align with theirs.
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