How To Open New Nursing School in OK?

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    Just curious if anyone knows how you would go about opening a new nursing school in oklahoma? I know I want to eventually get my masters and am considering going into nursing education, just wondering how hard it would be to open a school. I couldnt find anything on the oklahoma BON site....

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    I imagine that you would have to be an accredited school first. Then you would have to have the faculty for a program and the facilities to do clinicals. You might want to check with your school to see what guidelines they have to follow to keep their accreditation. They might be able to give you the most information
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    See I thought that all nursing schools had at be accredited but I was looking at the NLNAC website and realized that several schools that I thought was accredited wasn't. Platt, and all the kiamichi tech schools aren't. I wouldn't want to go to a school that wasn't accredited.....
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    Good choice, as a student getting ready to graduate from Platt College you don't want to go there.

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