Difference in Pay; RN vs NP??

  1. 0 Does anyone know what the difference in pay is for RN's and NP's (new grads for both to try to keep it equivalent) in the Tulsa area?

    Considering applying to the NP program at OU Tulsa, but am wondering what the salary difference would be in trying to justify the added expense and lost salary while in school.

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    Try the web site: Salary.com
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    I never know whether to believe those numbers.
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    I do not know how much local NPs are paid.

    However, $19 to $20 hourly is the typical wage for new grad RNs in Tulsa area hospitals. Settings outside the hospital (hospice, LTC, home health, etc.) might pay more.
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    Thanks for the info. If anyone knows what new grad NP's make, I would appreciate that info.
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    tulsa.ouhsc.edu which is the site for OU Health Sciences Center has a job opening for a PA or NP at $61,373 - $81,830. OU and other colleges may pay slightly lower I am not sure but that is one example at least.

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