CNA salaries in Oklahoma

  1. 0 Doea anyone know the starting pay rate of a CNA in central oklahoma?
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    I think it varies slightly with where you go as far as nursing homes, hospitals. But I would say 9.00, but also there are shift diffs. for nights at most places, which would make it higher. If you were to get your hha I think the start rate is a little higher also, maybe 10 or 11. They actually start you out depending on how much experience you have, the more experience the more you get paid.
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    i went through st fran nurse tech training program and got paid 9.90, w/o diffs.
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    I get 10.35
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    Quote from iwillact
    I get 10.35
    Does anyone know what hospitals and ltc facilities pay around $10?
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    Claremore nursing home days, 10.35. Grave yard more, weekend grave yard even more. Rumored to be like14.35 but they are full. Pay raise for weekenders are in the works. You work three 12's and one six. Im happy there.
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    Three 12's and one 6 hour shift! That would be awesome!!!!
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    Well I am fixing to train in Guthrie and its 7.73 training then once u get your license its 8.00 not very much in my opinion but its the only place to train around where I live..unless I wanna pay to go to vo tech..which I'd rather not. I know this is a old post but I'm here updating it lol
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    9.00/hour at a hospital in Tulsa with the opportunity for shift differentials and weekend option.

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