CHEM at Rose State or OSU-OKC?

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    Okay all I am a nervous wreck I guess I have to take CHEM in order to get into the OSU-OKC nursing program. I have a great GPA now, but I have NEVER taken ANY CHEM AT ALL, not even in HS. I was actually already accepted into a nursing program in Texas, they did not require CHEM. I took the HESI A2 to get into the program in Texas and did great on it! The catch is I didnt have to take the CHEM section. I guess I will have to retake the HESI A2 for OSU-OKC, and it does include CHEM! How am I suppose to do good on it, if Ive never had it? I know I am rambling but someone PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
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    First off, take a deep breath. Chemistry is not that hard if you show up and pay attention, and if you already have a good GPA you probably know how to do that already. As for the HESI A2, OSU-OKC sells a study guide in the campus book store that is worth your time. I'd at least give that a shot especially since you're looking at testing over chemistry before you have had a chance to take the course.