Applying to Rose State Spring 2012

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    I've been reading on here that for Rose State the average cut off on preference points is in the 130 range. I was just wondering how people are suppose to get those kind of points? I have a 3.5 program gpa, completed all my pre-reqs, have patient contact points and health related classes, but I would have to ace the Compass in all areas to get into the 130s point range. How are people reaching this amount of points

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    It is possible. I applied last application period with 132 points (with no experience points). Cutoff was 133 points.
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    Im applying as well for the LPN-RN track though. Im on the same boat. Not so confident with the points, but im working on perfecting my Pre-Algebra score before application period! Don't let it get you down! I completed all my pre-requisties a year ago and missed 2 application periods because I was scared of being rejected! STILL APPLY!! IT'S POSSIBLE!! YOU CAN DO IT!! HOPEFULLY WE BOTH GET ACCEPTED!

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