Anyone went to or are going to Platt in Tulsa

  1. 0 I am going to start the LPN program at Platt in September and wanted some honest information about the LPN program and about bridging over to RN. Thank you everyone
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    I attended their Oklahoma City campus up until a few months ago. Unlike a community college or university, these are private, for-profit schools with businesslike atmospheres.
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    There are some nursing students doing clinicals at my facility. I've been asking what they think of the course and they mostly seem to be happy with it and feel they'll be prepared when they're done. They say it's like 3 months of class time (or something like that) and the rest is clinicals. My charge nurse went there and she was happy with it also. The instructor that comes seems really good also.

    I'm thinking about going there now, but not sure since I hear the tuition is pretty high.

    I know I'm not a student, but I thought this might help.

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    Thanks for the info. I am finishing my 1st month of school and love it. I might see you at clinicials.

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