Anyone have info on CMA classes?

  1. I was wondering about information for CMA (certified medication aide) classes, specifically around Tulsa.

    How long the classes are, cost, where you can take it, etc.

    Also, do you have to be a CNA for a certain amount of time?

    Any info would be great! Thanks!!

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  3. by   MAIDEN25
    Im not sure about classes in tulas but there are plenty of places in okc like metro tech is where i went when i got my cma. I had my work pay for it and only had to sign a 6 mo. contract. I think the class is 3 months and its somewhere around $250.00. Iwas a cna for 3 years before i took the class but i think you have to be one for 6months to a year. Before i quit and went to nursing school i was making $12.50/hr. Hope this helps
  4. by   Dorali
    Thank you!
    I was told Tulsa Tech has them here for about that same price. I hear that my facility starts at $10 and you make that whether you are on the med cart or working the floor.

    Thanks again!