Anyone applying to Rose State's Fall 2011 Nursing program?

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    hi everyone, this is my first post!!
    just wondering if anyone else is applying to rose state this fall? i am one class away from finally being done with pre reqs, so i will be ready by enrollment time! i will have 131-133 points when i apply so with any luck that will be enough. i am a bit nervous because i know how intense acceptance can be, but maybe i'll luck out and the cut off will be low this time around. anyways, just wanted to see if anyone else is as excited as me and what your points situation looks like.


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    I applied in march for the fall knowing I didn't have enough points. Letter said cut off this time was 129. I've heard it is usually lower in aug. For spring program? But who knows, right? I will be reapplying hopefully with enough points this time? Good luck! Sounds like you will have a good chance with 131-133 points!
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    I applied to start in the fall but still haven't received anything in the mail.....maybe that's a good sign? Or maybe they lost my app!
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    Good luck, guys! I just finished in December. On-line, or campus...?
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    Hello! This is my first post too! I applied with 133 points and still haven't heard anything. This will be my third time applying to the program. Last semester I applied and fell 3 points short :-( hopefully it will be different this time! Does anybody know when we should be receiving letters? I am going mostly campus, but may take a few online classes. What do you suggest? So excited/nervous to find out
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    The last two times I applied the cut off was 131 but it's different every time depending on applicants. Hope this helps Oknursinggirl.
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    I applied to the career ladder program. I talked to the secretary on tuesday, about not recieving a letter yet. She told me i was recommended for the program, but she's not able to say officially until you recieve your letter.She told me to take a clinical schedule and that letter's were being sent out soon. She actually had them sitting there next to her. Good news to everyone is, denial letters have all been sent out, if you haven't recieved one then your in!! Unless they lost your application Good look everyone.
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    Ahh! I don't know if I should be excited or not?! Haha do you think she would tell me what the cut off points were? Congratulations to you!!
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    Call the nursing dept secretary and leave a msg and she will return your call. That is what I did.
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    Oh, and a previous poster said the cut off was 129 points.

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