Anyone accepted into OU-OCCC CBSN or OU BSN-OKlahoma City?

  1. Hi! I was just wondering if anyone will be attending OU's traditional program either OU-OCCC CBSN or OU's BSN in OKlahoma City for Fall 2010??
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  3. by   Stinalbf2
    Hi! I have been accepted into the OU-OCCC CBSN program for the Fall 2010! I am excited and nervous!
  4. by   beth001
    Hey Stinalbf2,
    Congrats on being accepted into the program!! I was in the program last year. Have you ordered your uniforms yet? If you or anyone you know still needs uniforms, I still have mine which they are like brand new.
  5. by   Stinalbf2
    Thank you!! I have not ordered my uniform yet because I don't know what size I will need, so I am waiting for orientation! Did you like the program? Where the classes difficult? Did you have a job while you were doing the program?
  6. by   Katy-NursingStudent
    How hard was it to get into the OU-OCCC cBSN program?
  7. by   Stinalbf2
    I had a 3.6 GPA and I think like a 3.5 Science GPA.

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