Any Self-Paced LPN programs NE oklahoma???

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    I am looking into finding any self-paced lpn programs in NE oklahoma. I am located in Okmulgee which is about 45 mins. form Tulsa. Can you tell me of any schools that still offer this program?

    Thanks so much
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    I'm going to be attending Northeast Technology Center in Claremore they are self paced. Just Google them to get the info to contact the Nursing Secretary. I start tomorrow, YAY! I know they have 4 campuses but they are not close to you. There is a program in your town but I'm sure you know that. I live in Tulsa and Claremore is a 25 to 30 which would probably be a hour or more from you. Anyways I hope this helps.
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    I applied to NETEC and I believe I have a great chance to start in September. How is the program so far for you?