Role Call Diversity 4570 3/25

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    I'm in. Anybody else?

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    Me too.
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    Hi Guys! Just finished up my last two DB replies for 4540: Community- Thank Goodness! Another one done! Here with you for this one next! Best of Luck to us all!
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    I'm in too.
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    Im in!
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    I'm in. Hope the class isn't too bad. Taking it with 4570. And just finishing up 4510.
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    I'm in. Hope the class is not too rigorous taking it with 4580. Just finished 4510. Good luck to all.
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    I'm in! I wish I could figure out how to balance family and work to take more than one class at a time. How do you guys do it?
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    I just finished up 4540--Community ready for diversity Monday. I'm in as well folks!!
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    same here. I was in 065 the TA was pretty good. I hope we get another good one in diversity!!

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