Role Call Diversity 4570 3/25 - page 9

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    Don't forget that you can always reuse references. You don't need brand new references for every post you do. If the information is relevant, it's relevant. Many of the articles I find are long enough and informative enough that I can use them several times. And I often use the outside source or the book for my discussion responses. I've never been marked off for reusing a source and I've been encouraged to do so by TA's in the past.

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    That's a great hint. Thanks!
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    This may be a dumb question...but....the instructions for the cultural assessment paper say to assess a client using Giger & Davidhizar's Transcultural Assessment Model, create a new word document, type your responses into the document, and so on. Do we have the assessment model on blackboard and we just type are answers into the assessment like we did for week 4 CLAS standard paper? I have done the assessment on the person I am writing my paper about but I copied the assessment out of the textbook and took notes on the copy to get it completed. I am into day 4 of an 11 day work stretch (May get one day off) so I am trying to get started on this paper. One more week of this class and then we may get to sleep!!!!!!
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    I don't see anything to 'type out answers into'. I'm just writing a paper using my client's answers to the assessment model. By the way, just thought of this--we should probably reference that assessment model, right?
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    I did not see anything to 'type out answers into' either. Definitely need to reference the assessment model or points will be taken off.
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    The announcement gave an outline of how to write the paper.
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    I have a friend in another section; some TA's did not give out that announcement on how to write the final paper. She suggested using headings for the categories, there were some APA reminders of what she wants etc. I could PM you the info if you need it.
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    BacktotheBeach, would you mind Pming me that announcement? My TA has not put an announcement up since week 1! I would greatly appreciate it
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    I PM'd you, hope it helps, included my email just in case! My TA did an announcement every week!
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    Thank you backtothebeach that was very helpful! I wish my TA did an announcement every week, I'd be a little less clueless! thanks again!!

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