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Role Call Diversity 4570 3/25 - page 10

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    All my grades are posted! Full points for the discussion post and 49/50 for my paper. I added a last minute sentence the introduction of my paper and I guess I accidentally knocked two sentences from my conclusion into my reference page, so I had a point deducted for that. Totally kicking myself for that, though I could have sworn it wasn't like that when I took my final look. Oh well. It's over, one more class to mark off the list!
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    I don't have grades for anything yet! But hey I am just glad it is over
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    WOOT! WOOT! Done with this class! I am proud of myself this being only my second nursing class after being out of school for 31 years. TA said I had the highest average in the class. Not bad for an 'ole fart', made my day! Good luck everyone in your next class! Summer here I come!
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    Good job everyone! No final grade posted for me yet..waiting..the joy of waiting-lol. Anyone taking NRSE 4520, 4530, 4550 and 4560 this summer? If so, I will see you there! FUN!!!! LOL! Going to enjoy this little break before Summer Session I starts. Best Wishes!
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    Chicahearts I will be suffering through 4550 with you!