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    I see that EduKan offers a music class? Does anyone know if this would qualify for the fine arts credit?

    Does anyone know if they offer a class that fulfills the Junior Comp class?

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    I was looking at that also. Also looking at WOSU summer intercession for music as they usually have it. I did micro at edukan,but you have to pick a "home college",that is where your transcripts will come from. Just copy the description of the class and if they ask you where you are taking just put Colby college
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    Thanks for the heads up
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    They have developmental psych also but think I will do music at the next 10 day intercession at WOSU. Just did nutrition and anthropology there 10 day intercession
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    From what I saw, it didn't look like they were having a 10 day intercession in May?
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    WOSU has the summer intercessions and they are not posted yet
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    They are not doing intercession classes anymore and I think that the comp class must be from a 4 year university!!

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