ohio university, microbiology requirement

  1. Has anyone taken an online microbiology course at a noter college that transferred over to ohio university adn to bsn program?
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  3. by   evieinco
    I took one through Colorado Community Colleges Online. Transferred no problem.
  4. by   woodsyny
    I took a 5 credit microbiology class online through Edukan which Ohio accepted. 8 weeks, virtual lab online
  5. by   shaniarose
    evieinco...Thanx for the reply! will look into it.
  6. by   shaniarose
    woodsyny- Ooooohh sounds good! Thanx will look into it!!
  7. by   woodsyny
    shaniarose. I took it last October there. 5 credits in 8 weeks and virtual lab online.
  8. by   shaniarose
    ok. great i will look into it! thank-you!