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    Let's talk about it!! Just enrolled in my FINAL class today. April 28 can't come soon enough
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    I'll be in it with you - WAHOOOO!!!!!!! Can't forget to do application for graduation soon!!!!!
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    Yeah…Remind me apply for graduation…I can be forgetful sometimes…So glad I have a buddy in the class w/me. Heard it's a lot of busy work.
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    I'm in it too!! Looked at the syllabus looks like A LOT
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    Quote from rocket2010
    I'm in it too!! Looked at the syllabus looks like A LOT
    Rocket, you are 6wks ahead of Steph and I. So you'll have to keep us posted...
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    yep, we just registered for it March 26th start , I think.
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    As I wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors~
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    Oh.. Ok well grow here it looks like a bit much but I'll let you know!

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