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Is it just me.....?

  1. 0 Or has this been the longest semester ever? I am so over it. I've been staring at this DB for like 2 hours. One reply left to write. Zero desire to write it. Ugh.
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    ShantheRN has '4' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'pediatric hem/onc'. From 'Ohio'; 38 Years Old; Joined Jan '09; Posts: 684; Likes: 548.

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    Totally feel ya there...I think I'm at my BS limit!
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    I completely hear ya!
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    I am taking two 15weekers and I am so sick of these classes. It is like a toothache that just won't stop. I get to start Family next week. I think I will have reached my max of craziness in a couple of weeks.
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    No it is not just you!! I am soooooo at my limit. I start 4600 on the 24th then two 5 week summer classes, then finished...I don't know how much more I can take

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