Iart 1170

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    Any input on the fine arts credit IART1170? I am taking that on top of 4550, 4560, 4570.

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    Is this Intro to Arts with Prof. C? I took it over the summer, so mine was only 8 weeks. It's not a bad class. Definitely different from many of the other classes. Some quizzes that are open book and you can take them as many times as you want. A paper and a blog post usually. Some weeks the blog post is just your notes on the assignment, which is visiting a sculpture, a work of art in a museum, a play, etc. You are required to actually go visit places, so read your syllabus in the beginning and plan for that stuff. Overall, some of it was kinda weird, but some of it was actually enjoyable. It was a nice break from the nursing classes. Not a hard class at all.

    Do you have your book? If it's the same book Is it art, I have it I'll sell really cheap.

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