How long are transfer credits good for?

  1. 0 Does anyone know how long transfer credits are good for? In 2007 before I graduated from my diploma program in nursing i took 2 classes for my BSN which was required by the school. I have been in the Ohio U online RN to BSN program since 2010. These 2 credits did transfer to the school so I did not have to take the classes.However, I know that sometimes credits are only good for 5 years. Is this true with Ohio U? Or since I'm already enrolled in the program and the credits have transferred to my DARS, will they always count towards my degree? I will be done in the beginning of 2014 with my BSN. I don't want to have to end up taking these 2 classes over again because they are no longer good.
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    Best to ask your advisor. But I think once on your DARS they are there forever. If you go for a Masters they might question them, but for your BSN I think you are good. Le tus know if you find out something different.
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    Check with your advisor but I have transfer credits from 1977 that are still good on my DARS. I went to college before I was born ;-)
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    Yep they are good forever. I just checked with my advisor

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