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Dropping a class!

  1. 0 As anyone had to drop a class before? I signed up for IART 1170 and come to find out its not just an online class! U have to attend community theatre productions, art museums, etc and I CAN'T do that right now! The email said dropping after the 18th was a 0% refund?! Ugh! Is that true for these 15weeks classes just like the 5week classes?
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    are you sure you have to attend all of these productions or can you do the work for the class without doing so?
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    U have to do them, I emailed the professor (he wrote back a very timely response
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    Look at WOSU. I am thinking of taking their next 10 day intercession music. Heard it is not bad at all.
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    well if your going to lose your moiney I would just take the slass and be done with it....you already paid for it. I personally think that like most schools OU needs to post what ALL is expected with theses courses. We are working , have families etc. I am a 20 something with no responsibility. Im here because I have to be . I read the reviews here and decided to take music instead( no concerts required)