Community Health Nursing

  1. For those of you who need the text for this course, there are quite a number of used books available from a number of on-line sellers at very reasonable prices. The assigned text for this course is the 4th edition which means that we all catch a break since the current - and very pricey - edition is the 5th.
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  3. by   ohiomom
    I see that the mini syllabus for the class states 4th edition, but if you go to the school bookstore, and put in your class, it comes back with the 5th edition as the required text.
  4. by   KOUStudent
    The same thing happened to me in my first class. The syllabus listed one edition and when I started class I found out I needed the latest edition.
  5. by   Always_Learning
    I almost completely forgot to order the book for this class...whoops!