4510 is open for Oct 1 Start!

  1. 0 For anyone who is taking 4510 starting Oct 1, it is open on BB. I am in section 75. Who is with me?
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    I'm in the class but in section 74!
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    I just finished 4510. I was terrified as I had never taken an online class before and have been out of school so long. I learned more about my computer and APA than I ever thought possible. I felt as though grading was very fair-although I guess depends on your TA. Overall I had a positive experience for my first class. Congrats for making the step toward your BSN!
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    It is not as scary as I thought it would be....yet! I just submitted assignments 1 and 2. Curious to see how I did. I will find out real quick if I get it or not!
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    Yeah, it hasn't been too awful bad so far. I'm a little overwhelmed because I doubled up and am taking 4540 also. I'm not sure I should have done that but oh well, too late now. I'm not sure about this 4-6 page paper though....yuck!

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