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  1. CSCC supplies
    Moved by shortnorthstudent Apr 2, '10
  2. University of Toledo UT Direct Entry Master's MSN DEMS Gemini
    Moved by 777RN Jul 1, '09
  3. Aultman School of Nursing
    Moved by my4helpers Aug 2, '10
  4. New student here at Hondros
    Moved by Timustang04 Jan 11, '08
  5. UC Accelerated Pathway January 2011
    Moved by LuvCinci Jul 29, '10
  6. who is applying to the christ college of nursing for fall 2010
    Moved by grechi2009 Dec 16, '09
  7. Who is applying to CSCC in July for the traditional ADN?
    Moved by foreverLaur May 6, '10
  8. Chamberlain or COTC?
    Moved by sugarshoes Jul 17, '08
  9. Teas score and COTC Rn program
    Moved by ajdear Jul 14, '10
  10. COTC Nursing Program Questiosn
    Moved by slmmarsh Mar 18, '10
  11. Chamberlain Online LPN to RN Bridge Program
    Moved by catrat Mar 9, '10
  12. Does it matter where you get your ADN to get a job?
    Moved by Rasengan Jul 19, '10
  13. Chamberlain-hondros-Indiana Wesleyan?? PLZ HELP
    Moved by Rasengan Jul 20, '10
  14. Sinclair CC Wait List
    Moved by kaye-b Dec 30, '09
  15. cscc orientation
    Moved by shortnorthstudent Jul 16, '10
  16. Could use some advice.....
    Moved by jaramillolinda2000 Dec 21, '06
  17. What's the deal with Columbus State admission?
    Moved by foreverLaur Jan 9, '10
  18. Is anyone applying to Mercy College of Northwest Ohio for Fall of 2011?
    Moved by bebopgirl4200 Jul 12, '10
  19. any onoe go to raymond walters college for nursing technology
    Moved by grechi2009 Dec 16, '09
  20. Akron Institute September 2010 RN Program
    Moved by Mt8386 May 28, '10
  21. Full time employment while attending Hondros nursing program????
    Moved by anthonyvc33 May 25, '10
  22. Kent State Accelerated BSN
    Moved by badtz_maru May 31, '10
  23. hondros college in columbus oh
    Moved by c-busstudent2009 Oct 15, '08
  24. Rae Ann Suburban STNA classes?
    Moved by Fahrenheight Jun 27, '10
  25. Boehecker College(Cincy Area)
    Moved by MamaRN00 Jun 18, '07
  26. North Central State College
    Moved by Nichole43119 Jun 21, '10
  27. LPN schools in Cleveland area/NE Ohio?
    Moved by filumena Jan 5, '09
  28. Akron University's BSN/MSN for RN option OPINIONS?
    Moved by Fahrenheight Jun 24, '10
  29. Central School for Practical Nursing?
    Moved by jennynanny Jun 21, '10
  30. Here we come!! Mercy College of NW Ohio, Incoming 2010 class
    Moved by Waitingtill2010 Jun 18, '10
  31. Does Kent State have an RN to MSN option?
    Moved by Fahrenheight Jun 22, '10
  32. Ohio University
    Moved by FutureMaleOhioNurse Jun 14, '10
  33. Firelands Regional Medical Center School of Nursing
    Moved by hopeful1189 Jun 14, '10
  34. Info about the Cincinnati Area (any input appreciated)
    Moved by starmickey03 Apr 11, '10
  35. Has anyone went through or will be attending Rio Grande School of nursing?
    Moved by Holly518 Jun 5, '10
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