Work Keys Assessment?? Is it difficult?? Has anyone taken it yet???

  1. Hello everyone, I am anticipating on applying to the Toledo School of Practical Nursing and was wondering about the Work Keys assessment or if anyone has taken the program or will be in the future. Im just trying to weigh my options on choosing a nursing program. I'm from Michigan so I want to make sure that this is the school that I want to attend before I start driving back and fourth everyday.. I hope someone can help.....
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  3. by   TipToeLPN
    I took the work keys assesment for another practical nursing program outside of cleveland. I think its pretty much common sense. We had three parts reading, math and locating information.
  4. by   JustLikeYou87
    Work Keys wasn't that difficult for me but I know everyone is different. I took a practice test on the ACT/Work Keys website. I grabbed a GED book (from library) to freshen up on math skills and it helped. I start school on Tuesday so I don't know how the program is but I'm excited to start. Don't know if that helps but good luck with whatever program you join!