Waiting List to CSCC?

  1. hi! i'm [color="yellowgreen"]kattika.

    i'm so new to this nation system and the nursing filed.
    i've not attended any college before in my life and i'm interested in becoming an registered nurse here in ohio. :heartbeat

    i've done many researchings and recently found some doubts about "waiting list to the cscc actual nursing major"
    i wondered what it is, so i went into the live chatroom of the cscc website, and i discussed few things with the
    administor. here are some quotes may be useful for someone...

    [color="mediumturquoise"]"... there's a net test i'd like to know if there is a science portion in it."
    = "... the parts of the net that are relevant to the nursing program requirements is the reading and math portion,
    not a science portion."

    [color="mediumturquoise"]"... i have a doubt about the "waiting list" after enrollment before the actual nursing major, is this true?"
    = "... there is not a waiting list, per se. instead, students apply once they have met all required criteria.
    students are then taken first come first served until that next cohort is filled. at the last application period,
    which was january 2009, all students who met criteria were accepted to the next two cohorts for the nursing

    "... by working with an academic advisor who specializes in our nursing program you will understand which
    courses are required and what you need to do to ensure that you get into the nursing program the first time
    you apply (after having met the criteria, including net)."

    "... you will first connect with that advisor after you have taken the compass placement test."

    "... it is not a waiting list. it may take some students over one year to complete the preadmission criteria, then
    they have to wait until the next application period for the nursing program (typically in january). depending on
    a student's prior to education, their placement results, and when they started the process, it could take up to
    two years. however, that is not a wait list."

    "... this can particularly be the case if a student needs to take any remedial coursework, including esl."

    [color="mediumturquoise"]"... that means... the estimate time while i'm attending the esl course and completing my pre-requisites course
    work would take about 2 years"
    = "... it all depends on the student. it typically takes a student up to a year to complete their preadmission criteria.
    the student then applies to get into the program. once the student is in the program it takes two years to
    complete. this means that the nursing program can take three to four years to complete depending on the

    [color="mediumturquoise"]"... so, how many student usually be admitted for the nursing major each year? (estimately)"
    = "... 47 students were admitted to the the on-line nursing program for students with bachelors degrees for the
    last two cohorts. they were all the students who had applied and met criteria. and 176 students for the
    traditional track"

    [color="mediumturquoise"]"... do you have the percentage number of the student who pass the nclex and get the licence?"
    = "... last i heard it was upwards of a 98% pass rate, but i have not received the latest numbers. the students
    who graduate from our program overwhelmingly pass the rn licensure, and they are very well prepared to
    enter and succeed in the field. our program has an excellent reputation."
    "... as i explained, you will work with a pre-nursing academic advisor who can guide you through the
    curriculum. you will link up that advisor after you have taken the esl placement test."

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  3. by   mmgraham102602
    Well, I can assure you that they are blowing smoke up your behind. I have been at CSCC for 3 yrs and wait listed for 1. I am one of the people who applied in January and I can't start until march 2010. So I wouldn't believe a damn word anyone tells you there. Including the advisors who were part of the reason my wait was 3 years (they advised me in the "wrong direction" and wouldn't fix the problem.). The ONLY reason that I am continuing there is becuase I want to pay cash and not have any loans. Good luck...
  4. by   Kattika
    hi! mmgraham102602

    i'm so sorry to hear that but i'm sure you'll be eventually successful. and i guess i believe what you've said regarding to my research and many people here also saying the same thing. but did you mean you have to wait for 3 years to get into the actual nursing major, or do you mean you have to wait for 1 year and then 2 more years for the actual nursing major - total 3 years?

    i'm going to check it out if i can get any loan, too... if not, i might have to be in the same boat as yours. but if i can i'm still not sure yet which school is good and right for me. (i'm currently considering chamberlain, mt. carmel, capital, hondros-westerville, cotc-newark, ou-zanesville, and otterbein) so keep on researching!

    wish you goodluck, mmgraham102602! :heartbeat