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    So, once I finished this semester I am completely done with prereqs at Lorain County Community College. My problem is that I am freaking out about the waiting list. I should have to renew by the end of this year but is it really going to take that long? I've been hearing 3 years and crazy things. Is Tri C Westshore campus any better? Has anyone transferred over there to get into clinicals? I can't stop going tos chool because I will have to pay my loans back so what do I do, take LPN course..BSN prereqs? Ugh I'm freaking out so any advice on the matter would be greatly appreaciated. If it matters I think I have about a 3.2 gpa and I got a B in A&P1


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    I don't know about those schools but wouldn't it be better to pay back your current student loans while you wait than to add to your debt with classes you don't need/want?
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    Moved to the Ohio Nursing Programs Forum for a more targeted response. Best of luck!
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    When did you apply for clinicals? I waited a year from application to acceptance letter.
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    I waited one semester after completing all the pre-reqs. I would take classes towards the BSN while you wait. Good luck!

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