University of Toledo - info on admissions? (++ any other advice/info you might have!)

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    I am interested in applying to the University of Toledo's regular BSN program for next fall...the thing is if I apply by the deadline of May 1st I will still have two prerequisites to complete. I can do them during the summer, but would they even consider my application without it? On the website they do say that you can apply with prerequisites in progress, but I'm not sure if I'd have any chance of making it into the program without them all completed? I have a decent GPA and I hope that helps - it's at 3.95 right now, hopefully I can keep it up through the next semester!

    I really like the fact it's a 2 year BSN...but how is the program once you're in it? Is it a good school?

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    You'll never know unless you try. I had no idea that you could apply with pre requisites in progress. I will put in an application since I am taking a few courses that are on their pre requisite list.

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