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A while ago I posted asking about the nursing program application process at Tri-C. I just wanted to update that I received acceptance into the Spring 2010 semester :D. The process was actually pretty fast. I am very excited.... Read More

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    Yes, I'm in the Metro Program. I was too mentally prepared to start in Fall, registered for classes in Spring and everything well planned out for next year... but hey, I'm flexible

    I looked up the courses according to what we have to take for the first semester. Then I went to the which is the website for the bookstore where you enter the campus, course name and CRN number, and you can get a list of books required and recommended. Our books, used, come up to approximately $500, and we still need tennis shoes (mostly white) and a wrist watch. I'm not sure where the uniform figures in, but I assume we'll pay for them as well. Now, I know Parma went color-coded a few years back, which means certain departments wear certain color uniforms, but I'm sure they'll tell us all that during orientation. I'm also very, very excited and can't wait for this semester to be over.

    Will you then be taking all your clinicals at Parma?

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    I got the call also to start in the spring at Parma but I've already planned my life around starting in the Fall so I'll just wait. My daughter is starting LPN school in the spring and I promised to be her babysitter until I start in the Fall. Let me know how orientation goes etc.
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    Thanks for the book info. I don't see the CRN's for the parma courses but I am assuming they are probably the same - my understanding is that the only difference is the location.

    I think that I will be doing all the clinicals at Parma. The nursing dept. was mailing out my information packet on Monday, so I hope to get it soon and will probably know more then.

    A nurse friend recommended the dansko clogs over tennis shoes. She said that they are much easier to clean than tennis shoes and more comfortable.

    I wonder if any of the books can be purchased online for less? Or are they "specific" to Tri-C like some of the lab manuals are? I'll have to check because I've gotten some really good deals on amazon for books in the past. I'm actually renting my books from for this semester, but I think that the nursing books are probably good to own for future reference.
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    I have received my package today in the mail, and I realized I have a lot to do before orientation. Getting CPR certification, a physical and vaccinations, health insurance and liability insurance... whew....

    Have you already registered for a CPR class?
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    I haven't done the CPR class yet. I know Tri-C has about one class a month, but the American Heart Association has the class we need and it's offered pretty regularly. There is one class on November 21st. I may take that.

    Do we sign up for our own liability insurance too? I thought that it was just a fee we pay to Tri-C and then we are covered.

    I don't have health insurance at the moment and need it anyways. I guess Tri-C has insurance offered through Sentry and it seems to be the bare minimum of insurance. For me it would be about $30 a month for the basic plan, but it really seems to be so minimal that it's more just to have it since it's required. I don't even think it's enough to cover anything if you even just had a cough! I may just buy better insurance on my own.

    Do we need a background check before we start? Or is that just before we take the NCLEX?
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    Yes, we need the background check. For me, it's due on 12/11. Thanks for the info on the health insurance; that helps a lot. For the time being, I have to go with Tri-C, as I'm a cash student, and this is really hitting my pocket book right around Christmas. You're right on the liability insurance; it is a sign up through Tri-C, so I'll do that when I get the health insurance.

    Where is the CPR class on 11/21? Is that at Tri-C?

    Thanks for all the info. It's great sharing all this and getting it all together.
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    Yeah, I hear you about the money situation. It's just so much all at once. I pay cash for my tuition too because I already have a degree and therefore don't qualify for a federal loan, and don't want to take out a private one.

    On Tri-C's website it says that the insurance they offer is through Sentry, but there is no further information regarding it. I searched online for sentry health insurance and found this website which has something called the sentry student security plan which seems very affordable for bare bones coverage. For me it would be $30 a month. The only drawback is that I think (according to the website) that you have to pay four months up front. I probably will go that route too because private insurance for about the same
    amount of coverage is about three times as much.

    Anyways, I just found that through my own research - you may want to call Tri-C to double check and see if that's the right plan. Even if it isn't it still would work for what we need.

    About CPR, I just searched on the American Heart Association website to find the classes. They are offered at different places - you can search by zip code. On the ADN group site for Tri-C, Heidi just posted something about CPR classes offered by the CCBH for $75. There are two classes that are offered before we need them finished.

    I just got my packet in the mail - it looks like aside from the things that we need to bring to orientation everything is due by the 11th.

    It is nice to talk to someone who is going through the same thing right now!
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    Another thing... aside from having the CPR class the Cuyahoga County Board of Health can do all the vaccinations that we need and the TB testing. I'm thinking that's probably the most affordable route.
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    Okay, I'll check into the CPR classes again. I'm currently looking at 12/10 from the Board of Health, but that's just a tat too close for comfort for me to the due date, so I'll try to get something early.

    Yes, my situation is the same with the degree and not wanting to get another loan... I've not heard back from Tri-C in regards to the health insurance yet, although I left a message. Tomorrow everyone is off, so Thu is the next day to dig for more info.

    Oh, about the vaccination at the Cuyahoga Board of Healthy, they are currently scheduling for December, so you might want to call them asap. Also, MMR and chickenpox currently are offered for FREE if you qualify. Tetanus is $12 and TB is $25. I don't know the cost of the others because I already have those.

    I'm not sure if y'all already tried to change your major, because it is currently not possible I guess due to the update they did recently. Heidi is aware of the problem and she asked me just to wait for further instruction, so if you can't get it to work, it's a problem on Tri-C's side.

    Regretfully, I've not been added to the ADN Program group as of yet, so I will have to wait for that as well. Well, it gives me time to study some micro and a&p II, so I can finish those up as well.

    Again, it's really great being on this journey together !!
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    Thanks for the immunization info. I guess I'll try to call for an appointment tomorrow, although being Veteran's Day they are probably closed. I only need the TB and I guess varicella, I've had everything else. I had the chicken pox when I was younger though so I may be immune - I guess I would need the titer showing immunity though.

    I tried to change my major today too and couldn't. I just emailed Heidi about it but wasn't expecting to hear back until Thursday. I thought it was just me not understanding what I was supposed to do - so now I don't feel so bad.

    Oh, and it doesn't matter about the ADN group. I think with the change-over something went haywire there too. I have access to the group, but cannot access any of the files that we need - the handbook, the uniform info, or anything. It says "Access Denied" every time. I have previously been able to look at it just fine but never really did - I figured I would look at it later - and now I can't.

    I hope it's all fixed soon because I start work full time next week along with my classes and wanted to get a lot of this out of the way. this week while I still have some free time.

    I did just finish the orientation test on blackboard. It's pretty quick and easy.

    Thanks again for the info.

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