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Sinclair CC LPN-RN Bridge

  1. 0 Hey all,I'm trying to find out some info from anyone here who is planning to attend or currently in SCC LPN-RN in Dayton. I know it exists because I seen it on their site; however, there is severely limited information about it. Can someone fill in the blanks about it???
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    I'm a Sinclair nursing student. There are many LPNs in the program. I think it's about 6 quarters instead of 8. I'm on spring break right now but in a week or so when I go back, I can ask one of my LPN friends.
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    I am a Sinclair student too, graduating in June whooo! There are several LPNs in my class. The regular RN program is 8 quarters and the LPN program is 7. The LPNs take a class called 132 Transition to Registered Nursing I and 133 Transition to Registered Nursing II during their first quarter. The next six quarters you are then with the other RN students who are not LPNs. I do not know how it will work when they transition to semesters this fall.

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