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Should I Stay?

  1. 0 Quick run down on my situation.
    RN with 3 years med/surg experience.
    Got married and had to move around twice so my husband could find employment. We're now in the Cleveland Area.
    Now, I'm the one who can't find the job. It's been only 2 months, but I just got turned down for position #30. This is nuts. I know my resume could construe me as a "job hopper", but come on, I'm not even being considered for part-time or prn positions. All my employers have given me positive references.
    Is it really this bad here? I know I could go back to Albany, NY and walk back into a job there, but my family is here. What to do?
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    Where are you living and where have you applied? I know the med/surg floor I'm currently working on is hiring.
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    Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Metrohealth. Robinson Memorial, St. Joseph and Valley Health in Warren. So many LTC facilities I can't remember them all.