Salary for LPN in the Toledo, OH / Monroe, MI area

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    Hello Everyone!

    I am starting school to be an LPN soon, and I'll be looking for a job in the Toledo, OH or the Monroe, MI area. I have read alot on here about LPN salaries ranging from the lower teens to upper twenties! I was wondering if anyone from the Southeast Michigan or Northeast Ohio area can give me some input as far as what you make as an LPN. Thanks so much! I appreciate the information.


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    $22 hourly
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    In Michigan, most facilities that receive Medicare funding start their LPNs out with no less than $20 per hour.
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    There's a post on the forum with what all the others are making.
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    you're prob looking at anywhere from $14 to $16. If you do some PRN work you could make $18-$21 but with no benefits. Sorry to burst you're bubble... this is my I went back for my RN

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